Breakaway DJ

Breakaway DJ 0.90

Breakaway DJ has two decks that are volume matched and mixed

Breakaway DJ has two decks that are volume matched and mixed so no matter what song you jump to next, it will sound just as clean and punchy as the last.
You don’t want your listeners to miss that great transition because the sound was to soft or the bass dropped out. Breakaway DJ pumps up the volume and equalizes the speakers automatically. You worry about the tunes and it will manage the quality.
Breakaway DJ is so resource efficient can be run on a netbook with almost no delay. It appears on your computer like a pro sound card and is easy to set up. With presets for room size and louder playback, you can customize Breakaway DJ for each house party or nightclub. The affordable Breakaway DJ makes you sound like a top tier artist.
Main features:
- Automatic volume matching and spectral balancing.
- Include Speaker Controller for automatic speaker equalization.
- Presets for louder playback and different rooms.
- Look-ahead peak limiters provide distortion free transient control.
- Can connect to all DJ programs.
- Two decks with prelisten ability.
- Efficient CPU usage.
- Low delay.
- ASIO support.
- Affordable solution to achieve professional quality audio.

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